Welcome to your Lumy by Paris site, which was created to meet the needs of the active woman: a dynamic woman who enjoys life and living well, always moving at top speed. The fashion world’s latest luxury label, Lumy by Paris will become -- thanks to you -- one of the most consulted brands by followers of fashion. The Lumy by Paris collection consists of designs created in Paris, especially for you, so that women of all sizes (including the full-figured) can feel great. The refined fabrics, mostly natural, will take you beyond beauty alone to give you an overall sense of wellbeing. Our designs are available in a wide choice of sizes, from 36 to 60. They are meant for modern and stylish working/active women who are looking for fashionable styles that remain elegant in all sizes.

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  • DEBORA | Lace Unit on Plain Dress

  • Shirley - Light Fabric summer short

  • Gift card for 50€

  • LAMIER | Bermuda in Washed Denim

  • MICHELLE | Chic White Top

  • BLEUET | Cotton Top

  • Out of stock

    HULYA | Straight Cut Black Jacket

  • EMILIA | Sweet Top in Black and White

  • ANASTASIA | Pleated Yellow Skirt

  • LEILA | Black and Yellow Top

  • AUDE | Sportswear Blue Trouser

  • SHISHEKKO | Classic Blue Pencil Skirt

Items 1 to 12 of 140 Total
Set Descending Direction