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Last Fashion show in Belgrade SERBIA


A World Premier in Bar

AUGUST 13TH 2016

Our first Fashion show transmitted by the national TV and two radios. Magazine like Gracia, Jedro etc..


August 2015 in Montenegró

Kaden Show

Kadem Show On Thursday evening, the audience on the promenade in Bar had the unique opportunity of witnessing a world premiere: at the Kadem Horeca fashion show, the latest creations of the Irish brand Lumy by Paris were presented for the first time. The collection will be available to online buyers next month.

"This collection is aimed at elegant ladies, and it will be available in France, Belgium, Italy and Montenegro," said Ms Ludmilla Kapitanova, the owner of Kadem Horeca. Madam Kapitanova, a Belgian national, has lived in Bar for the past seven years and for the past two years has been the owner of the acclaimed Kadem Shop, adjacent to the Helena Patisserie.

Throughout the city, she is not only recognized as a polyglot who speaks eight languages but as an entrepreneur who actively supports young talent.

During the fashion show, the designs were modeled by young ladies from the Jedinstvo Folklore Assembly, Dragana Babić sang, accordion was played by Enes Tafulić. There was also dancing by the well-known couple Semir and Selma Bajrović.

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